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Drinking water deep drilling

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Our company continues its deep drilling efforts related to inward water in many countries of the world, especially in Turkey and Georgia.

The works carried out to meet the water needs of plants, houses and fields from groundwater are called water drilling processes. These drills are carried out in 3 different methods depending on the condition of the formation.

1- Air system (Well bottom hammer Technology)

2- Muddy System (Drilling with Rotary machine)

  1. a) Direct Circulation (Direct circulation drilling method)
  2. b) Reverse Circulation (Reverse circulation drilling method)

3-Drilling done by lighter method

These three systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. In recent years, drilling with the air system has gained weight, but due to the high cost of investment, the mud circulation drilling method continues to be used.

1- Advantages of air drilling method;

  1. a) Provides serial progress
  2. b) Allows maximum efficiency from the well without disrupting aquifer properties.
  3. c) Well efficiency, during drilling, approximately estimates and reduces investment costs.

2- Advantages of muddy system drilling method;

  1. a) Eliminates the risks that may occur during drilling by preventing washing and spillage during drilling on sandy or alteration floors.
  2. b) Allows deep opening of the well in areas with low static levels.
  3. c) A wide range of wells can be drilled.

3-Drilling by lighter method

Lighter wells can give good results in soft allulated areas where groundwater is close to sale and the aquifer, which can be obtained with a single filter, is made up of clean levels such as sand gravel. It is a cheap and simple method and is opened by emptying the material at the base with a bucket of flap gentlemen through the crashed pipe and moving the pipe to the desired level by moving it to the desired level. Large rubble is broken with special tools called axes.

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